Thursday, December 29, 2011

Swee Choon

Open throughout the evening till 10am in the morning, Swee Choon is extremely popular for the night goers and those looking for dim sum during the wee hours. They also have many other dishes and La Mian.

Main entrance
Take away corner just beside main entrance
Swee Choon's business is doing very very well as Makan Boy and I observed. The first time when we came, it was so packed that we had to make do with their outdoor seats.

Simple layout of tables and chairs in the back alley
This time round we got seats indoor with the comfort of air conditioning.

La mian chef working his magic at the back.

Service was much faster this time round due to the smaller crowd I guess. On the first visit, we ordered their Har gao, Siew mai and Chicken Claws which tasted very disappointing. However we had good impression of their Mee Sua Kueh thus we ordered again on this visit.

Mee Sua Kueh ($2)
Slightly saltish and probably the most special kueh I have had so far!

Drunken Chicken in Shao Xing Wine ($5.50)
Both of us were overwhelmed by the strong and extremely sharp taste of the wine. If they could reduce the amount of wine used, this cold dish would have tasted perfect.

Beancurd Prawn Roll ($2.80)
The beancurd prawn roll is a pretty good item to order. Tasty and prawns used were nice too!

Fried Custard Pumpkin ($1.80)
I feel that custard is best eaten soft and flowy. The pumpkin skin was also too thick and chewy. I had one bite and left it aside..

Steamed Salted Egg Yolk Custard Bun ($2.40)
How delighted I was to see that they have buns similar to Victor's Kitchen! It didn't taste too bad but still Victor's Kitchen Golden Egg Yolk Lava Bun win hands down!

Shang Hai Xiao Long Bao ($3.50)
Thin skin with quite some soup in it.
Their Xiao Long Bao tasted pretty decent except that their meat fillings is abit too oily for me.

Yam Paste with Pumpkin & Ginkgo Nut ($3.80)
Smooth, sticky, sweet!
We ended off the supper with the Yam Paste and it was sinfully sweet and very fragrant! Really yummy!

Overall, they have their hits and misses but if you know what to order, this place is great for dining and catching up in a lively environment. =)

Swee Choon
187/191 Jalan Besar
Singapore 208880
Tel: 62945292
Mon - Sat: 6pm - 10am
Sunday & PH: 6pm - 12pm
Closed on Tuesdays


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  3. Thanks so much Aisha for dropping by and I really appreciate your kind words!